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Community Service

Personal Ministries

The vision:

That every person who comes to our church 

Request for Reimbursement

(To qualify for reimbursement you must either have prior approval or a signature from the ministry leader who oversees the fund.)

Adventist Education Tuition Assistance Request

(Each year, members of the Crowley Seventh-day Adventist Church have the opportunity to request financial assistance for supporting their children in our area schools.)

(If additional funding is needed, in addition to filling out the above form, please email ______ with a letter of explanation of why additional funds are needed. The finance committee will discuss each need on a case by case basis.)

Our goal is to support as many children in Seventh-day Adventist Education as possible.

Sales Tax Exemption Form

(Please use this form if making purchases for your ministry on behalf of the church. Make sure the items on your receipt are only those items that you are getting reimbursed for. i.e Don't use this form for personal purchases.)

(If you need help, please call our church treasurer for assistance on using this from.)

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