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Moved With Excitement

Recently my wife and I purchased “real” walkie talkies for my two sons. I say real because we have purchased several kid's ones before and they always last for a few weeks before getting broken and no longer functioning. So instead of getting them one's with Paw Patrol characters on them, I outsmarted the system and purchased real 2 way radios.

But along with real walkie talkies came a discussion with my boys, ages 4 and 5. The discussion included such things as this; “Now boys, make sure you treat these nicely because they are not toys. Don’t change channels or else you won’t be able to hear each other.” And finally, “Don’t poke each other in the eyes with the antennas.” With the ground rules out of the way, play time commenced. My boys loved them. From the moment the package was open to the moment they got home, they talked to each other. And even though they were only 3 feet away from each other in the back seat of the car, they tested out the radios. When they arrived home they quickly got creative with talking to each other; one boy was outside while the other was inside, one went upstairs while the other stayed downstairs, one went in the front yard, while the other went to the back yard. For hours they entertained themselves with these new “toys.” They rode their bikes and talked with each other. They came up with creative applications for how they could use them. My oldest son even told me, “Daddy, you take one to work and I’ll take the other one to school and we can talk to each other!”

They loved their gift.

But I share this story with you for what happened next. I was outside later that same evening mowing the grass and my boys were riding their bikes and scooters around the cul-de-sac. When all of a sudden my youngest threw down his bike and took off running towards the neighbors house. Ignoring the stop sign the intersection and crosswalk, he ran over to show his friend his new toy.

He was so excited to show off his new toy and for his friend to try it out that he dropped his bike and forgot the thousands of conversations about how to safely cross the road. He just had to share his excitement with his friend.

Immediately the thought came to my mind, “When was the last time I was that excited to share Jesus with someone?”

Psalm 96:2, 3 (NET)

"Sing to the Lord. Praise his name.

Announce every day how he delivers.

Tell the nations about his splendor.

Tell all the nations about his amazing deeds."

May your relationship with Jesus so compel you to share with others, that you would be willing to drop everything and run wherever they are to share Him.

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